Greg Koch
... home of the Guitarmageddon

Guitarist extraordinare, nations leading Gristleman and first call Fender clinics instructor. He also released numerous well known and highly respected training books, CD´s and DVD´s.

Greg plays a BSM Fuzzbender, Spectrum Fuzz and a RMG

Chris Leuzinger


Legendary Nashville studio session player who recorded with countless artists like Garth Brooks, Emmylou Harris, Hal Ketchum, Randy Travis, Hank Williams Jr., Neil Diamond, Shania Twain, Brooks & Dunn, Crystal Gale, Trisha Yearwood and countless others ... far to much to name them all.

Chris plays a BSM VX-T, RMG and a DM-T

Joe Stump

The main influences for me are many different schools of metal, from Neo- Classical Speed Metal, European Power Metal, old school hard rock and speed/thrash metal. Now a complete new adventure is about to conquer the world: HOLYHELL ! We will shake the earth and wake the dead!!! Nothing beats playing live. I 'm never tired of it. Whether it's a live show or guitar clinic or whether it's a big venue or a small dive of a pub. As long as there are fans there that enjoy killer guitar I'm happy.

Joe plays a BSM Fireball, RPA, RPA Major, RB Looper, Studio´75, Full Quarter and a „Spice Box“

Roland Grapow

Former guitarist of "Helloween", now playing with "Masterplan", eg. on tour with "Saxon"

Roland plays a BSM HS, HS-S Master, RB Looper and a RPA Major

Erol Sora

Erol Sora, guitar player/vocalist with SORA, and guitar player with The John Lawton Band (ex-Uriah Heep singer). Erol released the debut SORA album "Demented Honour" on MTM music in 2006, and is in the process of recording a follow up release. In addition, he has recorded 2 studio albums, and 2 live CDs/DVDs with the John Lawton Band.

Erol plays a BSM HS-C, HS-S, RB-Looper, RPA, RPA Major, RPA California, Fireball, "Studio ´75", California II, Galaxy 1011 and a „Spice Box“

Till Hoheneder

Leading german comedian, who´s heart is into the Rock´n Roll, playing with his own band "The Altobellis" (cover band, especially Rolling Stones) as well as with Peter Bursch´s "Allstar Band". Regular guest musician for Inga Rumpf and on tour with germans "Atze Schröder".

Till plays a BSM VX-T, RPA and Ambassador

Jean-Claude Meunier

Guitarist of the famous Deep Purple tribute Band "Catch Purple"

Jean-Claude plays a BSM HS, HS Custom, RPA, RPA Major, HS-S Master, the RB Looper and a Spice Box

José "Pepe" Irei

Lead Guitarist of the Peruvian Rainbow and Deep Purple tribute band "StargazerS": "As a Blackmore follower I like to improve my sound all the time, also I always love to improvise on every solo, that's what makes the difference on every gig and this is what it makes every concert a unique experience for me"

Pepe Plays BSM RPA California and 71/73 CM

Janeck Dzugan

Janeck Dzugan is a famous french guitarist in a Deep Purple tribute band : "Spectrum Purple Band". He played in several Rock and Hard-Rock bands in quest of the spirit of the 70's. Janeck composes and plays his own compositions, which some are avalable on 2 albums.

Janeck plays a BSM RPA

Heinz Rebellius

Heinz Rebellius is editor of the German "Gitarre & Bass" mag and author of several guitar books. His bands are: Cliff Barnes & the Fear of Winning, Artland Country Club, and works together with Berlin Singer/Songwriter Luca ( Besides this, he runs an exclusive guitar shop called Guitar Wash.

Heinz plays BSM Faßbender, FuzzBender, BuzzBender and Powderfinger.

Charly Verbinnen

Belgian guitar slinger and guitarist of the "Hendrix Files", one of the best Jimi Hendrix tribute bands worldwide. He´s playing on tour with Jan Akkerman and Ana Popvic.

Charly plays a BSM Spectrum

Mark Zyk

Guitarist from the Deep Purple tribute band "Demon's Eye". Played with Jon Lord, Doogie White and supported Foreigner and Saga. He's playing BSM products since 2001. In 2011 an album will be released with own songs featuring Doogie White, Ex-Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow on vocals.

Mark plays a BSM HS, Fireball, RPA, RPA Major, RPA California, HS-Custom, 71/73, Studio ´75, RB Special Looper and a „Spice Box“

Reik Muhs

Guitarist of German Deep Purple tribute band Purple Rising. In addition to Deep Purple songs the band also performs some Rainbow classics. “Along with the Fender Strat and the Marshall Plexi the BSM treble booster is a unique instrument to replicate Ritchie Blackmore’s characteristic vintage guitar sound.”

Reik plays a BSM RPA California, California II, BSM Studio 75 and a „Spice Box“

Emiliano Lupi

Guitarist of Lazy Child, a famous italian Deep Purple tribute band

Emiliano plays a BSM HS-C, Fireball, RPA California, and 71/73

Ritchie Palczewski

Musician, guitarist, composer, great admirer of vintage gear. Teacher of philosophy and guitar.
Ritchie took his first steps in music in his home city of Chrzanow-Poland, playing in the band HusH. Founder of psychedelic rock'n'folk band Delhy Seed. Later he played with Ania Rusowicz – a young, Polish 60’s style music icon and recorded on her studio album „Genesis“.
Currently he is composing and recording solo pieces. His music is inspired by the esthetics of the elements, the Dionysian-Apollonian double nature of forces, the fusion of the sublime and beautiful, shamanism, mysticism, insight into what is primal, wild and untamed in human nature.

Ritchie plays a BSM 71/73, MKII, Supreme, Metal and a Spice Box.

Thomas Blug

Thomas Blug is a sought after and awarded artist in the german and international music scene for many years. He won “best German Rock-Pop guitarist” award by Deutscher Rock Musik Verband and “Strat King of Europe” award by Fender Europe.

Thomas plays a “Studio´75” and a RPA Major.

Emanuel Gibson

Emanuel Gibson is an American rock and blues-rock musician, singer and songwriter. Gibson opened for many big names in Rock, R&B, Blues and other genres. In the last 5 years Gibson has put out 5 solo albums independently.

Emanuel plays a RW-F

Randy Mc.Farland

Memphis guitarist and founder of Pegasus Actual with their debut album, The Age of Zero. Randy's style incorporates various elements of blues, classic rock and gospel to create a lush tapestry of tones. He has done sessions, TV gigs, and indie bands all around Memphis and Nashville.

Randy plays a BSM OR


The Polish band Bohema was created in 2000 and their first album was released in 2003. Bohema get their inspiration from the sixties' sound and add a modern touch to it. Their ability to combine different influences such as The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and Polish punk has made the Polish rock magazine Teraz Rock entitle them "The hope of Polish rock music".

Peter from Bohema plays a BSM BM-Q

Dirk Gentz

Guitarist and sound-tech from Germany. Before learning to play the riff to “Smoke on the water” he had been really rich and famous as a professional orchestra Triangle-virtuoso. After that he had to retire and is currently struggling to become poor and infamous again. While trying so he plays with anyone who can’t climb a tree fast enough, mainly rock stuff influenced somehow in between the Beatles and Pantera. He is of the opinion that playing a cool vintage amp without a treble-booster is a severe crime!

Dirk plays a BSM 71/73CM, RPA California, Mk-2, HS-C, RW-F, RPA, RPA Major, HS-S Master, RB Special Looper and several prototypes

Kari Rastas

Over two decades, Kari have been playing in various bands and orchestras in Finland with music styles varying Heavy Rock, Rock, Pop Music, Jazz to Gospel. He has also worked in a Musical Orchestra, backing up Musical in the late 80's. Also gigs at Pubs and Weddings are not stranger to him.

Kari plays a BSM RPA and a RPA Major

Luca Giordano

Luca Giordano, guitarist and guitar teacher from The Hague (The Netherlands). Mostly specialised in Rock, Funk, Blues and Pop. Guitarist with The Rare Groove Orchestra (RGO).

Luca plays a BSM RM Velvet and a BM-Q

Andreas Willers

Andreas Willers is one of Europes most profilic jazz- and avantgarde-guitarists with more than 40 albums under his belt as a leader, a sideman and in cooperative bands. He also finds time to write workshop articles and to be part of the 'Berlin Hendrix Bash' project. The American 'Voodoo Child' magazine writes about his Hendrix tribute album 'Experience' (Nabel Rec.): "Bizarre. Baffling. Enticing. Exiting. Ultimately Unique. .. All we can say is this is one of the most ambitious Hendrix projects we have ever come across."

Andreas plays a BSM DM-T and a AP-WA

Wolf Hoffmann

Well known photographer and guitarist of "Accept", the famous "Balls to the wall" heavey band, played with Mötley Crüe, KISS, Van Halen, Gary Moore, AC/DC and Ozzy Osbourne.

Wolf plays a BSM RM, HS-C and a RM Metal

Tom Riepl

Tom Riepl is known as a solo artist (instrumental Rock-Jazz) and regular columnist for the german "Gitarre & Bass" magazine. As a tour/session guitarist and clinician Tom played with/for Starfield, Roland, Fender, Rocktron, Taylor, Ibanez, Gibson... Joey De Francesco, Jeff Richman, Doctor J., Willy Astor, Scott Wilkie, Robben Ford, Jennifer Allas, Curtis Ray, Willie Salomon, Adrian Scott (Little River Band) and a few more... Latest album: "RADIO MOONLIGHT"

Tom plays a BSM RM, BMQ and RG

Burkhard G. Lehle

Burkhard G. Lehle is wellknown for his top-notch switching solutions, made in Germany and played all over the world by many great musicians. Besides being the mastermind at "Lehle Switching", he´s also a great Blues guitarist.

Burkhard plays an early BSM HS

Roger Schaffrath

Reknowned session player and slide guitarist from Cologne, Germany. Roger is a sensitive virtuoso, travelling between Blues, Folk, Country, Desert-Rock and the rest of the Americana-world.

Roger plays a BSM OR, Ambassador, J-Fuzz (custom order) and a RM Velvet

Charles Womack

Charles Womack was born in"motor city" Detroit/USA and plays with his band the clubs in Europe. Beside this he´s the center of one of the best Jimi-Hendrix-tribute bands, 3rd Stone from the Sun. Although Charles is a leftie, plays his right-handed Stratocaster flipped over, although he´s like Jimi a black American, he and his band don´t want to act like clones of the real thing. They care for the spirit, the atmosphere and the intensity - and the authentic sound, that Charles achieves with his Marshall and a BSM FuzzBender.

Charles plays a BSM Fuzzbender

Koen Sels

Koen Sels ist the guitarist of the belgish "Johnny and the MG's" band . He plays what he calls "pubrock", early seventies british style R&B-inspired rock 'n roll - energetic, potent r&b driven rock&roll that has mainly peaked in the UK of the early seventies. Pubrock is a phenonemon that directly and organically led to the cultural explosion called "punk". Besides this, he also runs his own recording studio.

Koen plays a BSM HS-C, HS, OR, Fireball, VX-T, 71/73 CM and a RPA

Reno Schnell & Peter Sonntag

Bass wiz Peter Sonntag and guitar mistress Reno Schnell are playing together with "Final Virus", the powerfull german metal band with complexe songs and a very innovative style, somewhere between Metal, Hardcore and Hardjazz.

Reno & Peter are playing a BSM VX-T

Catch The Rainbow


The Swedish Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow TributeBand band was created in 2012.

Crister from Catch The Rainbow plays a RPA Major Special Booster

Shane Mann Ruff


Shane Mann Ruff, guitarist for the band 'Deep Shades of Purple'. Formed in (2010) Deep Shades of Purple brings the high energy and attitude of Deep Purple to venues in the Chicago, IL area, focusing mostly on the MKII era of Deep Purple.

Shane uses a BSM HS-C to replicate his MKII tone.

Here are some more wellknown fine artists, owning BSM stompboxes:

Ritchie Blackmore

Well known from Deep Purple, Rainbow and Blackmore´s Night

Ritchie owns a BSM HS-C, a “Studio´75” custom made, a RPA Full Quarter, a RPA California, a RPA California II prototype and a Spice Box.

Andy Powell

Wishbone Ash homepage

Andy, founder of the well know British harmonic rock Band "Wishbone Ash".

Andy owns a BSM AP-WA Booster

Peter Stroud

Well known from Sheryl Crow and co-founder of the 65 Amps company

Peter owns a BSM HS

Roger Mc.Guinn

Roger Mc.Guinn webpage

Founder of the BYRDS and top-notch guitar player, famous for his "jingle-jangle" Rickenbacker 12 string sound.

Roger owns a BSM RMG

Billy Gibbons

ZZ Top webpage

We don't know exactly if Billy Gibbons owns a BSM stompbox, but you can see "Reverend Willie G" talking about the BSM HS-C by clicking here