The new "RPA California" creates the two sounds 2009/07/14

The new "RPA California" creates the two sounds, that Ritchie used live during his DP_Mk3 times: the powerful "California Jam" sound from the US tour in spring 1974 and the punching "Live in London" sound, that followed after the US tour. With a special pot you can blend between this two sounds. For more details about Ritchies Mk3 sounds, his AIWA and his amps, click H E R E

The brandnew "J-Fuzz" 2009/03/05

The brandnew "J-Fuzz", a silicon-powered Fuzz Booster, will be released on the Musikmesse 2009

The "RPA Major" is now available 2009/02/24

The "RPA Major", a hot-rodded version of the "RPA", is now available. The "RPA Major" starts, where the stock "RPA" ends - pure gain and a hard, agressive Blackmore lead-sound with all classical amps with master volume. Most possible punch with any pickup configuration because of a special EQ control. The "RPA Major" represents the high-gain sound of Blackmore"s agressive mid/end 70"s live sound, adapted and tweaked to match the modern taste of todays world.

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"Ambassador" received an overhauling 2009/01/22

The BSM "Ambassador" received an overhauling, with the result of a tad more punch and more creamy mids

This year you will find us at the Musikmesse 2009/01/07

This year you will find us at the Musikmesse at booth #B31 in hall 4.2